How to Play Music on Your Wedding Canvas

wedding song on canvas

Wedding songs can make or break your wedding day! Whether you are having your wedding in Las Vegas, New York or any other city around the world, wedding songs are an important part of your special day. You can find a wedding song that fits your style and music taste from one of two sources: Wedding magazines and the Internet. Wedding magazines have great ideas and suggestions for wedding songs, but they are not always appropriate for certain types of weddings. Wedding magazines may have great recommendations for wedding songs that are inappropriate for a beach wedding, a backyard wedding, or even a church wedding. If you are having a live reception with many guests at a country club, church or other formal venue, the suggestions found in wedding magazines may not apply.

If you want a wedding song that is appropriate for a garden wedding, an outdoor wedding, a beach wedding or even a wedding held at a resort hotel, you can find a song from the hit movie “When Harry Met Sally. This romantic wedding clip will fit right in with any type of wedding held at a country club or other formal venue. If you decide to use this song, be sure to make it a part of your ceremony program as well. Just about everyone knows the tune “When Harry Met Sally”, so you may want to request it be included with your wedding program.

Another great song to accompany your wedding canvas print would be the song from the James Bond movie, “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. If you and your husband are James Bond aficionados, this song is perfect for the first dance. It is sure to get everyone cracking jokes and having a great time. The song’s beat is even more upbeat than the actual song! This is definitely a good option if you want your wedding canvas to reflect the fun and happiness of your wedding day.

You may also want to consider using a sheet music from your favorite TV show, or a movie that has been produced for your wedding guests. Many times a wedding DJ will play the music for the bride and groom during their wedding gift presentation. By playing this type of music on your wedding gift, guests will not only have a great time listening to it at the wedding reception, they will also get a laugh from the sentimental lyrics.

How to Play Chords on the Piano (Without Reading Music): Book One [Adult Version, All Levels: Beginner to Experienced] (The Fingerprint Method)


Learning to play chords is one of many ways to play the piano without reading music. Most guitar students learn how to play songs using chords, but many don't know you can do so on the piano, too. It's actually pretty easy, and this book will show you how to get started.

For adults (or older kids) of all levels- everyone from complete beginners to experienced players that never learned to play without sheet music.

This is the very first book in the acclaimed Fingerprint Method, an innovative teaching philosophy with 15 years of success teaching thousands of students in a way that's actually FUN for each of them. So far, it's only been available via Fingerprint Music School's exclusive team of highly trained private instructors in Seattle & Kansas City; now it's available to you.


There's a common myth about playing the piano- that you have to read music to do it. Well, it's time to debunk that myth.

Reading music is a great skill to have if you want to learn complicated music with a high level of technical precision. It's also a time-saving and space-saving way to communicate musical ideas once you get it down.

BUT it's by no means the only way to learn the piano (or any other instrument). And for many people, focusing on reading music from the start just takes all the fun out of it. It turns what could be a joyous musical adventure in creating colorful sounds into a draining technical exercise.

Think of music as a language. As small children, we learn language by speaking it first; reading and writing comes later. Imagine how hard it would be for kids if we made them learn to read before speaking.

Of course, for some people, reading music from the start does work well- their brains have a knack for the logic of it. (Just like some kids may show more comfort with reading than speaking.) But for many others, learning to "speak" music before reading it is a delightful revelation.

So, if reading music isn't the only way to learn, what other ways are there?

This book offers one possible answer: learning to play using chords and chord progressions. There are other ways, too, covered in other [forthcoming] Fingerprint books, such as: learning to play by ear (which anyone can do; yes, really!), learning to improvise in various genres (jazz, blues, rock, funk, bluegrass, folk, world styles, etc.), learning composition & songwriting, and learning to use music software and technology. None of which requires reading music.

The Fingerprint Method is not against reading music- we're against anything that takes the fun out of it for YOU. And like we said, reading music does work great for some people. So we also have a [forthcoming] series with our unique approach to Learning to Read Music, which you can delve into (or not) at any point in your musical development.

If you think learning to play from chords could be the right musical path for you, or if you're not sure what it means to play from chords and you want to find out- purchase this book today.


About The Fingerprint Method:

The question isn't "am I musical," but "how am I musical?"

Everyone is musical in a unique way, and it's important that you learn music in the right way for your brain.

Even as a complete beginner, you can learn to Play By Ear, Play from Chords, Improvise, or Write Your Own Songs (in addition to the traditional way of Reading Music). The Fingerprint Method is all about options, giving you many paths into the musical world. So we have books and videos courses in the works for all of the above.

The musical world is vast. Find your own unique pathway through it- your musical fingerprint.

User reviews

While I understand the importance of music theory, I really just want to play piano without the time-consuming technicalities. This book is PERFECT in that it's written in an easy to understand, non theory way focusing strictly on chords - what they are, where they're located and how to play them. I love it & look forward to being able to play a few simple songs in no time and am also looking forward to their other forthcoming books.

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Updated on – June 13, 2024

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