God Bless the Broken Road Lyrics

“God Bless the Broken Road Lyrics” by refunds is a song I first heard as a teenager when my best friend and band mate would go out on a Saturday night to play in a bar that was just a mile or so from our house. On our way to the bar, we would normally have a good time, dance for a while, eat some food, smoke a few cigarettes, and get drunk. This always seemed to go well until one night, we decided to visit the “broker down the street”, an alcoholic who lived about three blocks from us.

bless the broken road lyrics

My friend kept pushing me to go home that night, because he knew that we were close. I remember getting thirsty and asking him if I could take a walk across the street to a dump that had this dump’s lights on. He said no, because that would get us caught, and then he would get lost along the way. I remember telling him to get lost like a man, but not in a dumb way, kind of like an Irish person might say. I remember getting thirsty again, asking him if I could at least take a ride, or at least have a few beers. He said sure, but nobody was going to let me.

When I finally made it across the broken road, I was so thirsty and my face was so wet from the rain, that I could hardly see. I was so thirsty that I asked him if I could have a drink. He said no, because it was against the law, and I got really upset, because I knew that he was only trying to make me go home that night. I was so upset that I started to cry and kept on crying, because I kept on thinking that I would find true love along the broken path, and that I had to keep walking.

One day, I came across The Broken Road lyrics. I read them and was really inspired. I remembered exactly what my grander plan had been back when I had gotten lost on that narrow way. It had everything to do with finding that girl that I had fallen in love with when I was a young boy. And all I had to do to get back was to find her.

When I finally found the girl that I was meant to be with, and that sweet woman that would become my soul mate, I still did not understand much of anything that I had read about The Broken Road. But, I was inspired by the lyrics and the message that I found inside the book. And as I kept reading, I began to understand more about the meaning of this song, and about the grander plan I had to follow.

All of the information I learned from reading about The Broken Road lyrics made sense to me. Reading about The Broken Road and what it symbolized for me was like opening a door for me to see more about the life I was about to enter. All the signs pointed straight at me in my long lost dream of love, and the journey I had to take in order to finally meet the girl of my dreams, I now know that I am on my way to receive all of the love that The Broken Road lyrics suggest.

Updated on – June 13, 2024

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